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About Us

Creating Exceptional Designs That Voice Your Choices

Create unmatched design experiences for all our valuable clients while expanding resources and building trust through the supply chain to the customer.

  • Latest tTechnology
  • Virtual Design Solutions
  • Variety Of Material Choices
  • Unmatched Customer Support

An ever-growing design collaborative that remains a quick study through our years in the industry with different clients and their unique design statements.

  • Customized Design
  • Rare Resource Acquisitions
  • Customer-Management Strategies
  • Expansion

Customer satisfaction-since our inception 25 years ago, our goal has remained the same and continues to do so. All our efforts as a business feed into this goal.

  • Value Customer Opinions
  • Transform, Grow Reimagine
  • Retain valued Clients
  • Expand Reach

See What Our Clients Says


Beautiful- this is what I feel each time I enter my home. they did an exceptional job finding the right materials the preferred color palette and the most attractive glass railings I have ever seen. It was a fun experience brainstorming and collaborating with KW interiors in my home.

Best Qulity


I have had two bathrooms on the upper floors remodeled and it is not an easy task. This time I chose KW interiors and the experience has been quite pleasant. These professionals know what they are doing and do not waste any time. Remarkable work.

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Fay Daway

I am glad my friend recommended them for my kitchen. I wanted to go for the crown molding which usually takes time to come in. but they completed the renovation on time and this was a refreshing change from most contractors.