How To Design The Perfect Layout For Your Kitchen

How To Design The Perfect Layout For Your Kitchen

A guide to the perfect kitchen layout

Kitchen layouts have evolved over the past decade or so. It is no longer a functional space meant for cooking rather. It Is the part of the house that brings family and friends together. What contributes to this sense of ease is a functional layout for your home kitchen. Functionality coupled with attractive design adds quality to the cooking and dining experience. As designers and your renovation partners, we believe convenience is embedded in how the kitchen is designed.

Whether it is a small kitchen or a large space with an isle and a separate pantry, several factors come into play to curate the right design for your home. At KW interiors, we carefully examine the structure of the existing kitchen to plan the layout or work on renovating the space for enhanced useability. Even the tiniest of homes can be comfortable to live in if the layout has been planned professionally.

Pointers to design the perfect kitchen for your home

Entry and exit points

When we sit down to plan the kitchen layout for your home in Mississauga, we discuss the frequency of the foot traffic in your kitchen. For some homes, the kitchen is often connected to the back door, which opens up the space to shoe storage, coats, bags, keys, and anything you wear while leaving the house.

When we discuss the details with you, we usually visit the space to see the architecture and whether it allows for any additional use of the space. When designing the perfect layout for your kitchen, we customize some space for use not related to the kitchen. For instance, setting up hangers, shelves, and storage cum sitting options makes the most out of the space.

Comfortable reach

Functional equals comfortable in the kitchen. You have to keep all the relevant activities in mind when planning your kitchen design. The stove cannot be right next to the washbasin, the drying area for the utensils should be enough, and the exhausts placed at a calculated height for exceptional performance and reduced air contamination. All necessity functions should be at a comfortable distance where they make sense without overcrowding the place.

When addressing the kitchen’s functionality, storage plays a vital role in creating the perfect fit for any given length, height, and width of a kitchen. Every inch of the kitchen is useful, from setting the perfect storage fit for appliances to setting up drawers for your pots and their lids.

Plan the isle

Isles are a staple in the modern kitchen design. However, they have to be placed at a comfortable distance from the rest of the kitchen. This acts as an additional counter that can function as a dining space if there are no other dedicated rooms on the premises. This is why they have to be placed at a comfortable distance and height. Isles are fantastic components that can add more storage space to the kitchen without bulking up the space.

The trick is to opt for bright-colored countertops to give the place a modern edge. Marble (real or faux) is an excellent style to go for, especially when the space is limited.

There is more to the sink.

Sinks crammed into corners or tiny gaps between counters aren’t a very functional choice. We provide our customers with a few options and give them a full walkthrough of the purposes a stylish, yet practical sink fixture can fulfill.

As a kitchen renovation and design companywe have access to the latest trends, including the classic stainless-steel look to chic metallic sinks attached in two parts. You can choose to add a drying rack and garbage disposal with a lid to the design for added convenience if you like. This way, all the dirty dishes that need to be rinsed before they go to the washer can be kept at the sink instead of cluttering the isle and the counters.

Keep safety in mind.

It is crucial to consider safety whenever designing a kitchen. Our experts will provide you with all the necessary information to incorporate all regulated safety measures into the design. Make sure to place the stove at the exterior wall, ensure the kitchen is adequately ventilated, and take all other precautions, such as setting up smoke detectors and fire alarms.

We also set up Kitchen cabinets in Mississauga according to functionality and safe from all fire hazards. You can book a consultation to get an in-depth idea of what we have to offer. We have the best in-house design tea in town.