Bathroom Remodeling

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Expert Bathroom Renovations in Mississauga

Bathrooms are no longer limited to being a necessity. With time vanities, bathtubs with jets and bubble massagers, storage, and smudge-proof mirrors have made their way into regular home designs. At KW interiors we go a step forward and incorporate your vision into a bathroom remodel plans for your home in Mississauga. we will design the right

  • Customized cabinets
  • Purpose-built storage
  • Customized vanity
  • Faucet and sink bowl
  • Linen storage closet
  • Frameless shower walls
  • Jacuzzi
  • Toilets

These are the basic elements covered in our bathroom renovation services. Our work depends on what the custom is inspired from and what they expect. That said, in most remodels the basic skeleton or architecture of the room has to be considered. These concerns are addressed during our step-by-step process that is meant to help plan the perfect outcome.

Our Process

Consultation And Estimates

The credibility of the finished bathroom design depends on how well it has been planned. Aiming for a rustic feel? Want to add sections to space? A Large ceiling-to-floor window near the jacuzzi? Let us discuss the budget, costs, completion time, and anything else that concerns you. While most initial estimates for bathroom remodel in Mississauga are approximate numbers, we give you quotes based on original market values

Planning And Scheduling

This step focuses on all the crucial details of the makeover. We make sure that the layout on paper reflects what you want and then schedule our visits according to your convenience and the need of the project.


We value your time and get things done in an orderly fashion to meet deadlines. You can rely on us to transform your bathroom into a completely new space. Our bathroom remodels in Mississauga are efficient and cost-effective.