Glass Railings

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Glass is one of the most visually appealing materials used in architectural designs to enhance the appeal of a home. Glass railings, for instance, provide a gorgeous finish to a tied-together home design.

Glass railings for homes in Kitchener and waterloo have become quite the trend because they are versatile, minimal and fit right into a wooden finish, frameless standoffs or metal studs that draw attention to creative aspects of interior design.

KW interiors have been a pioneer in introducing various forms of glass railings to homes across Mississauga, Kitchener, and Waterloo. The basic design types for Glass railings are

Standoff joints

Standoff joints are cylinders made of stainless steel that hold the glass railings in place. These are meant to connect the stairs to the glass. There are holes drilled onto the glass at specific heights to fix these cylinders. This particular design needs strong backing to hold the frameless glass in place while visually appearing as if the glass is only held in place by the metal-looking cylinders.

Clamped glass

As the name suggests this type of glass railing installation in Milton features glass clamps that sandwich the glass panel between wooden or metal outlines. This design although uses wood or metal to accent the glass remains versatile. You can choose to paint the wood, metal, or shoes according to the rest of the home’s aesthetic. We make sure to show a few options to our customers before they finalize this design.

Dadoed glass

Simple, elegant, stately. This is the most visually appealing style of glass railings that most customers across Kitchener and waterloo Prefer. This features a wooden top and bottom (shoes) holding a clear glass slab on both ends of the stairs. This accents homes with wooden floors and crown moldings perfectly adding quality craftsmanship to the mix.

Our team of experts is qualified to install all three styles of glass railings perfectly to suit your home’s interiors.

Maintaining glass railings

Maintenance is what most homeowners opting for glass railing installations in Mississauga are most concerned about. All you need to maintain glass railings is

  • Vinegar
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Soft fiber cloth

This is a DIY method of keeping the glass clear. However, professional window cleaning methods work great for glass railings as well. You don’t need frequent cleaning for clamped and dadoed designs; standoff railings may need a bit more maintenance though.

Why choose us for glass railing work in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Mississauga

For over 25 years, KW interiors have been the primary choice for homeowners looking to keep up with the times. Glass railings- though a fairly new inclination for residential properties, soon became a favorite for most of our customers. We have installed over 700 glass railings across homes in Kitchener and Mississauga working with varying ideas and budgets.

You can trust us to deliver exactly what you expect, within budget and given time. To get estimates or book consultations, give us a call or leave your details with us. our experts are here to assist you.