Hardwood Flooring

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We are flooring contractors with multiple finished projects across Mississauga, Milton, and Kitchener. Hardwood floors transform a home in the true sense of the word. It is a long-term investment that drives property sales at the helm and refines the interior feel of your home completely. Hardwood floors are the epitome of elegance at their finest.

As flooring professionals in Mississauga, our work has driven our understanding and significance of proper installation procedures. Our experts use experience, the right tools, and extensive training to their advantage when laying floors that are supposed to last.

What should you know about hardwood floors?

As a flooring business that has worked on complete home-flooring projects; we understand the significance of informing our customer’s choices. Finding the best hardwood floor for your home or choosing the right type of flooring is often the first yet crucial step of the process. Knowing what hardwood flooring in Milton means can help make the right choice and drive the outcome you are reaching for.

Finding what you think might “fit perfectly” into your aesthetic may not be the best option for your home. experts at KW interiors understand how customers view a remodel or a renovation especially when floors are involved. As such we focus on creating a plan that identifies with the customer and incorporates years of experience while prioritizing the wants of the homeowner.

There are two types of hardwood floors

Like any other natural material wood also has movement. however, if you opt for the engineered kind, it can help keep the movement to a minimum during temperature changes and expansion-contraction trends. Natural hardwood flooring in Kitchener, Mississauga, and other locations that we have worked on, often moves along longitudes, tangents, and also radially. Man-made or engineered hardwood resists this propensity to move exceptionally well.

Our experts will first discuss the proposition of installing solid wood or engineered wood to create the floors you want. We inform the homeowner of the height differences, the adherence processes, and the effects of heat on these two types of flooring options before they decide which route to take.

We work with prefinished wood and on-site finishing as well

Hardwood floors arrive in planks as a raw material for flooring. Our experts can work with prefinished wood planks to install the perfectly placed flooring plan or stain and finish the planks after they arrive on-site for the installation depending on your persuasion.

While there is no difference in the materials being used to lay prefinished or finished on-site flooring for homes in Kitchener, the difference lies in how these two sets appear. With flooring planks that have already been buffed, polished and stained, you get an idea of exactly what the floors will look like after the installation. On the other hand, unfinished floor materials present a bit of a gamble. Depending on what our customers choose, we make sure to provide samples before we go ahead with the rest of the installation.

What is hardwood flooring maintenance like?

As flooring contractors with extensive experience in installing hardwood flooring for several homes in Milton, Mississauga, and Kitchener, we make it a point to inform the customer of what the maintenance entails. Oil-finished floors are gorgeous, appear natural, and most have a non-gloss finish. Polyurethane finished floors, on the other hand, create a “hardened” look.

While both these options fit right into the aesthetics of elegant wood flooring, are quite different when maintained. Oil-finished hardwood floors stain and deteriorate rather easily while polyurethane creates a barrier between the wood and elements that compromise the longevity of the floors.

If you have pets and children, polyurethane is the way to go. However, if the maintenance isn’t much oil-finished can be the most gorgeous wooden floors for your home.

You can choose the pattern of the grain

We make sure to inform the customers we work with of the choices they have. After all home improvement projects and flooring installations in Mississauga are hefty commitments that are both expensive and time-consuming. Where wooden floors are in question, there are three basic patterns of grain you can choose from.

We make sure to provide you with samples to decide what the finished floor should look like. We will also discuss in detail whether the chosen pattern is the most practical option for your floor.

What does our process entail?

We are flooring contractors who understand the basic architecture prevalent in homes across Kitchener or Mississauga. this means that we will carry the installation from start till finish within the given schedule and plan according to the data we have gathered over our time in the industry.

The installation period and completion time depending on the materials you choose and the schedules you work out with us. we are extremely detail-oriented and as such flooring projects do take up more time than a basic renovation.