Kitchen Cabinets

Small and medium-sized kitchens benefit the most from well-curated designs that focus on the accessibility of the three most-used components of the kitchen- sink, stove, and pantry. For larger kitchens, the attraction lies in stately custom-cabinetry that boast a hidden pantry or houses the Nespresso without cluttering countertops.

Our familiarity with the complexity of kitchen design begins at our inception. KW interiors have installed bespoke kitchen cabinets for many a home in Kitchener gathering information, customizing designs, and expanding resources for finished products that become an inspiration for those who appreciate the balance of design and quality.

What choices do you have?

Your kitchen cabinets remain the center of attraction whether it is a tiny kitchen in Mississauga or a huge space that includes a dining area. To make the most out of your investment we can direct you to choose

Mid-Century Chic

Wooden elements redefine the eloquence of a well-set kitchen that promotes organization by being built to store useful tools from the kitchen while catching the eye. Mid-century cabinets are usually custom-colored panels that are made to fit the wall space you have designated for cabinets or an isle that acts as a dining space.

Bring History To Life

Chippendale fretwork adds a touch of old-world charm to an otherwise modern ensemble of cabinetry and drawers. The glass intricately weaves into stained wood cabinets that make organization and access easier. When setting up kitchen cabinetry for homes across Kitchener and Mississauga, we provide you with style, material, and trim options that can be paired with ceiling paper and wall colors to create a customized kitchen design unique to your home.

Custom Storage Length

Experts at KW interiors are invested in creating cabinets that are meant to store appliances, pans with large handles, and cutting boards. You can opt for fitted access panels that open up a space designed to store outlets with specific appliances, glass lids, Lazy Susans, and everything in between. Rift-cut panels work wonders to cover spaces for dry storage pantries and refrigerator cabinets in your Mississauga homes.

Metal Accents

Open floored kitchens are the best suited for metal strapping cabinetry options. This design brings a vintage depth to the space outlining, ovens, dishwashers, isle storage, overhead cabinets, and any other customized storage plan you have in the kitchen.

Custom Design Elements

Kitchen cabinets in Mississauga can be the centerpiece of your home or destroy the aesthetic appeal of a practical design. KW interiors have an in-house design team that will collaborate with your ideas to curate designs that are both elegant, practical, and fit into the general feel of your home. from adding a butler’s pantry, to setting up seamless cabinets that go from the floor up, our crew can bring designs to lie in the most functional way possible.

Our experience in the industry and understanding of architecture gives us all the tools we need to relay our imagination onto your kitchen walls and floors.