Quartz Countertops

Calacatta Sierra- Quartz
Calacatta Arno- Quartz
Calacatta ida-Quartz
Calacatta miraggio - Quartz
Calacatta Monaco - Quartz
Cararra iris - Quartz
Marquina midnigth-Quartz
Marquina Midnight - Quartz
Midnight Corvo- Quartz
Sparkling Black- Quartz
Sparkling White - Quartz
Calacatta Valentin - Quartz

We often work with homeowners who are looking for high-end finishes on their kitchen countertops in Mississauga and around Kitchener. This can be attributed to the trending designs that are flaunted on architectural design pages inspiring homes owners to invest in renovations and remodels.

For some, when building their home from scratch the goal is to replicate a kitchen that they saw in an online post or a design magazine they follow. This situation is both challenging and fun for our curators. We have to work with specific ideas that demand quality of service.

Since most luxury countertops for kitchens in Kitchener come at hefty prices, we have to get creative with the knowledge we have and source materials that are just as appealing without excessive maintenance and repair costs. experts at KW interiors have a firm grasp on market availability.

We keep in touch with the latest material options, installation technology, and price points to make our working experience with our valued customers stress-free. Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal and we will help you evaluate all the options you have to transform your existing kitchen into the one you desire.

Evaluating kitchen countertop options for homes in Mississauga and Kitchener

Exceptional homes are a result of adequate research and the right people handling your investment. KW interiors promise elegant designs, unique looks, and open communication. We will explain here the most in-demand countertop options: granite and Quartz.

Why you should opt for these and how they are the closest (inarguably better) option you have to your inspirational countertop. Besides these, if you plan to invest in marble and stone, we are here to get the job done without the burden of additional expenses. If you are looking for more amicable priced options, then read on

Reasons quartz kitchen countertops for homes in Kitchener and Mississauga


Quartz countertops are the most durable alternative to natural stone or even marble. These are perfect for indoor kitchens are last years before you may need any repairs or replacements. Quartz offers a smooth finish and the look of natural stone while comparing closely it to its longevity.

Style Statements

If you plan to stand out with your countertop design, quartz is the way to go. It offers the durability of stone with the design flexibility of marble. Quartz stone is ground and mixed with resin and other countertop building materials to deliver the natural veining and pattern movement that natural materials have to offer.

Easy To Maintenance

Quartz countertops for kitchens in Mississauga offer the durability of stone and affordability that remains unmatched especially compared to other materials. Unlike most countertop materials this does not need any special care or re-sealing each year.

Reasons to invest in Granite kitchen countertops for homes in Kitchener and Mississauga

Granite has gained justified popularity as the material of choice for most high-end countertop designs for kitchens. There are a few reasons why our experts often recommend it

It Is Tough

Granite is second to diamond in toughness and this says a lot about the countertop slabs you can install in your kitchen. We recommend granite because it’s water, heat, scratch, crack, and chip resistant. For our valued customers who choose this material, replacements in later years are a question of choice and not a necessity. However, if for some reason damage does happen, repairs are rather easy and affordable.

No Over-The-Top Maintenance

Granite countertops for kitchens in Mississauga and Kitchener don’t have to be maintained regularly. All you need is proper sealing which our experts can do right after the installation and every year. This will prevent stains and the growth of bacteria that usually corrupts other materials. Since we follow manufacturer rules and use the right technique and equipment to set up these counters you don’t have to worry about additional maintenance for at least a decade.

Better Return On Investment

We understand that the goal of anyone investing in home improvement is long-term use or better value (if planning to sell). As such you can expect complete commitment to the project from us. we will help you choose the right aesthetic, the right type of granite counters, and trendy designs for your home. you can trust our experts to explain the process of maintaining granite kitchen countertops in Kitchener and Mississauga before you finalize your material of choice.

Why work with us?

KW interiors have been learning for over 25 years. we take pride in learning from each of our projects and the suggestions of our customers. On the other hand, we have the best talent in the business and we make it a point to incorporate training and market analysis into our general company operations.