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The need for stair refinishing

Stairs are built to provide access to the upper floors of a building. This makes them a high-traffic part of the house eventually causing serious wear and tear. This prompts the need for repairs and refinishing. Stairways often catch the attention of anyone who visits your home and a shabby-looking stairway with torn or foot faded spots is not the most appealing feature in a well-kept home.

While stair refinishes in Milton have more to do with restoration than just fix the appearance of the stairs, this comes as an added benefit. If your stairs have fallen in disarray, the need for a professional refinish is eminent. This is why we first examine the condition of the stairs. In one of our more recent stair refinishing jobs, a homeowner in Mississauga said; “we would like to walk down the stairs instead of gliding down them, without even trying”.

Their stairs were covered in carpet that had seen better days and there were children in the house who had done their job of adding to the condition of these stairs and the spills on them. Once we had completed the initial examination, we began with discussing the possibilities of redoing the carpet, the client, however, decided to go for solid oak as the refinishing material of choice. It was challenging to redo the entire staircase as it needs faux stringers and a completely new handrail. The homeowner opted for Clamped glass railing again held by oak finish at the shoes and the upper layer.

Is stair refinishing limited to old homes?

In a sense; yes. Most stairs that need refinishing are in older homes across Kitchener, Milton, and Mississauga. This means that even if you are planning to move into a new home (one of the older homes on the market), you may need to look into stair refinishing.

For most old homes the bones of the stairs are relatively sturdy and with our experts giving you the go-ahead all you may need is a little sanding, the addition of new hand and base rails, or even new treads may be all your stairs need to look a part of the new décor.

Often homeowners (new) tend to add hardwood floors to the mix and this often prompts the need for a complete stair to refinish to match the two grains. However, our experts can help you retain the character of the house by refinishing the stairs accordingly.

One of our valued customers who recently moved back into her family home chose to keep the old pine stairs even though she opted for solid oak floors. The challenge was to remove the stain the pinewood had retained over the years. they had turned almost orange. When refinishing these stairs in Mississauga we began by refinishing the treads and then using stained trim, stair risers, balusters, and newel posts.

This completely transformed the stairs and even though they did not perfectly align with the wood grain of the floors, it certainly complemented the surroundings well.

Why choose KW interiors as your stair refinishing company in Kitchener?

We have licensed contractors with experience, a solid portfolio of completed projects under our belt, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our work isn’t limited to revamping stairs with completely new treads railings and stringers, we also work on recarpeting ones that have been worn out.

Our work reflects the needs and wants of the customer rather than our inclinations. We make sure that the choices our customers make are informed and that they are aware of the maintenance costs, the long-term return on investment, and the possible repercussions of choosing a specific material when refurbishing the stairs.

What can you expect from our team?

At KW interiors we take great pride in customizing our services to meet the needs of the customer. No matter how far gone your stairs are, you can expect our experts to come up with a solution that transforms your stairs from a deteriorating mess to well-curated, sturdy stairways.

Here is what our valued customers can expect


This is a valued trait in our industry. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of what stair refinishing products for homes in Kitchener do for the stairs they are refinishing. It is often out of the homeowner’s budget to completely redo the woodwork which is completely fine by us. our experts will discuss the possibility of using the right stains, the right polyurethane products (non-staining), adding a riser, skirts, and baseboards, and completely new railings to breathe life into the existing staircase.

We Cover All Needed Services

Refinishing stairs for homes in Milton or Mississauga aren’t limited to just sanding the baseboards to remove the years of staining. It requires examination, structural changes, and a whole lot of drying times if you are going for a semi-gloss, matte, or full glossing look.

We will

  • sand the stairs using machines
  • use hand-sanding if needed
  • repair minor fractures across the stairs
  • we will scrape off any excess residue and grime
  • fill out cracks
  • take time matching colors to the floors, railings, or your preferred choice.

We custom-mix shades and discuss the samples with you before staining the stairs that have been refurbished.

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Our expertise allows us to work with the directions our customers provide us. for instance, when working on older staircases the goal is to retain the structure while cleaning up the view and fitting it into the general aesthetic of the home. our use of industrial-grade tools and the right techniques that we have perfected over the years makes it easier for us to deliver exactly what the customers need and when they need it.

We Listen

As stair refinishing contractors in Kitchener, Milton, and Mississauga we incorporate processes such as masking to perfect the staining when retaining the existing baseboards and treads. Stair recapping, wrought iron spindles, rich and deep warm hardwood hue transformations and everything in between is possible with us on the job.

We believe in open communication whether we are working with other construction contractors or the homeowners themselves. The trick is to listen, discuss and understand what they expect the outcome to be. Visual information is always a welcome addition to the planning process.